Campuses in China

The Hwa Chong-Beijing Campus, as well as the Suzhou and Xi'an Winter Campuses, provide seamless study opportunities for our students between Singapore and China. These immersions provide experiential learning outside the classroom. For more information, click on the left menu.

Campuses in China

Campuses in China

In 2007, Hwa Chong Institution became the first and only Singapore school to set up a satellite campus in Beijing with the aim to provide opportunities for our students to experience sustained immersion in China.  The Satellite Campus has its base in the 2nd High School Affiliated with Beijing Normal University.  In 2011, the school launched its first winter campus in Xi’an.  Both the Hwa Chong-Beijing Satellite Campus and the Xi’an Winter Campus campuses were primarily set up for upper secondary students to deepen their understanding of China. 

In 2011, Secondary 2 students embarked on their learning journey in Suzhou as well but after two years of implementation, the school decided that such immersion programmes would benefit the upper secondary students more. Hence, the Suzhou programme was discontinued in 2013. 

To further encourage more Upper Secondary students to go for sustained immersion in China and to cater to this demand, the Wuxi Winter Campus programme will be rolled out in November 2015.  This structure and implementation will be modelled along the lines of Xi’an Winter Campus programme.


The Hwa Chong-Beijing Satellite Campus

"All [Hwa Chong] students on the bicultural programme have the opportunity to study in Beijing and be immersed in the environment there for several months.  There, they will see for themselves what China is like, experience its economic dynamism and soak in its culture and social environment.  These new approaches are innovative, popular and effective."

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
National Day Rally Speech
19 August 2007


The Hwa Chong - Beijing campus offers experiential learning outside the classroom to enhance students' understanding of Chinese literature, culture and the arts, as well as contemporary developments in China. It also aims to nurture in students a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture and a good understanding of China.

Nurturing a Core Group of Bi-cultural Elite for Singapore

The Hwa Chong-Beijing Campus is part of our initiative as a Future School to set up satellite campuses in strategic cities of the world, starting with Beijing.

The reason for setting up a satellite campus in Beijing is to facilitate a sustained and durable immersion for students in the school's Bi-Cultural Studies Programme (BSP).

"Beijing, as China's capital, is an ideal location for Hwa Chong students to further deepen their socio-political knowledge of the country. By establishing close links with top Chinese schools and allowing for greater interaction between the student leaders of both countries, closer bilateral ties can be forged."

"China is emerging as a dominant player in the world economy.  As an independent school with deep roots in Chinese traditions, Hwa Chong aims to nurture a core group of the nation's best and brightest to engage China.  We want to develop in our students a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture and language and a good understanding of the country.  This will enable us to be part of the exchange of ideas, culture and business between China and Singapore," said CEO/Principal Mr Ang Wee Hiong.

From Beijing, students will also have opportunities to move out to other cities like Tianjin. In this regard, Hwa Chong's extensive links with the education community and with civic leaders in major cities and provinces give it considerable leverage in working with the mainland Chinese.

Seamless Study Opportunities between Singapore and Beijing

The Hwa Chong-Beijing Campus provides seamless study opportunities for our students between Singapore and China.  Because the system of education replicates the HCI model, students are able to spend longer periods of cultural immersion in China without missing out on the Singapore curriculum.  Our Hwa Chong teachers are also physically and virtually present to attend to the learning needs of our students in Beijing.

There will be ample opportunity for our students to interact with the locals in China.  We hope to encourage meaningful cross-cultural interactions between Hwa Chong and PRC students through joint-activities in CCA and collaborative projects like research, combined community involvement, industrial visits and attachments and fieldtrips to cities beyond Beijing.  There will also be opportunities for Hwa Chong students to organise English-related clubs and societies for the local students in China.

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Xi’an Winter Campus

On top of the Hwa Chong-Beijing Satellite Campus, the Xi’an Winter Campus was set up in 2011.  The campus has its site based in High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiatong University.   The Winter Campus programme is a four-week long programme where lessons are conducted in Mandarin and focused on History, Geography, Literature, Socio-Economic as well as Political aspects of China.  This provide opportunities to students who are strong in English, Mathematics and the Sciences, but weaker in Chinese, to better master the language.   On weekdays, students attending the programme stay in the school hostels.  On weekends, they stay with host families.  This arrangement not only strengthens their command of Chinese, but also allows them to better appreciate Chinese history and culture from their hosts.

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Suzhou Winter Campus

In 2011, the Suzhou Winter Campus was set up to provide opportunities for Secondary 2 students to also experience immersion in China.  The four week long programme also saw students attending lessons in Chinese History, Geography, Literature, etc. The students also had home-stays with host families in Suzhou.  After two years’ of implementation, the programme was discontinued as it was observed that such immersion would benefit the upper secondary students more.  

Wuxi Winter Campus

To encourage more upper secondary students to go for sustained immersion in China, we will be rolling out another immersion programme in Wuxi in November 2015. This campus will be set up with the help of our partner school in Wuxi – the Wuxi Big Bridge Academy.  The four week immersion programme will be modelled along the lines of Xi’an Winter Campus.

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