Leadership Education

Leadership Education

OTC Leadership Education Programme

The Ong Teng Cheong Leadership Development Model

Rationale & Objectives

In recognizing the Institution's responsibility in grooming leaders of the future, the Ong Teng Cheong Leadership Education Programme (OTC) provides opportunities for the Institution's student leaders to acquire and develop leadership values, knowledge, skills and experience. It is guided by the philosophy "Live with passion, Lead with compassion" and aims to fulfil the Institution's mission to "nurture leaders who have the integrity, wisdom, passion and vision to succeed in the global environment and serve our nation.

OTC Leadership Programmes

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Who we are:

The Entrepreneurship Unit at Hwa Chong aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset in our students to prepare them for the globalized world. We recognize that individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets are often drawn to opportunities, innovation and new value creation, which are key qualities for Singapore to continue to thrive. They also take ownership of their jobs and performance and tend to both think creatively and collaborate well.

The entrepreneurial mindset involves a specific set of values and perspectives which we would like to see in our students. Some of the values we hope to develop in our students include:

  • Challenges as opportunities
  • Dare to make mistakes
  • Problem solving/ breaking down massive projects/ problems into smaller, more manageable pieces
  • Active listening and communication skills


Our vision:

To foster a “can do” entrepreneurial mentality both inside and outside of the classroom and nurture youths who create lasting positive change and in doing so, contribute to society.

Our aims:

  • To develop students’ entrepreneurial skills through exposure to entrepreneurial learning on a variety of platforms
  • To develop passionate and innovative individuals 
  • To offer opportunities to students to help them develop their leadership potential

Key events:

Dialogue sessions with entrepreneurs

The Happy Cheongsam (Feb 2017)

Learning journeys to local start – ups

JTC Launchpad (Feb 2017)

Key competitions

                                     Young CSR Leaders Award 2016                                                                               Future Thinking Challenge 2016

                               FedEx International Trade Challenge 2016                                                             Moody’s Innovation Challenge 2016

Other activities

  • Job attachments/ shadowing e.g. OCBC (Dec 2016), Barclays (June 2017) & Bloomberg (Nov 2017)
  • Projects showcase in Term 3/ 4

Unit teachers/ How to contact us:

Unit Coordinator: Mrs Ling – Li Yinglin

Mr Lim Yong Hin


Students' Council

The Students' Council is the main student organisation that plays a major role in the various student activities of the school. It represents the student body when communicating with the school, on issues such as the improving of the general welfare of students and the fostering of school spirit. The Students’ Council produces responsible student leaders of integrity, character and excellence, in line with the school’s motto and vision.

The Hwa Chong Students' Council (High School) represents the highest level of student leadership in the High School section, consisting of the “High School Council” and four “Consortium Councils”.  The “High School Council” is formed by selected Secondary 4 student leaders and members of the Consortium Council Executive Committees of the four Consortium Councils from Hwa Chong Institution (High School).

The College Students’ Council is the main student organisation of the school, and comprises five distinct committees that facilitate various aspects of school life, from encouraging student-administration communication to student welfare. The Students’ Council also takes charge of major events in the school calendar, such as the Open House, Senior Promenade and Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.

Find out more about the College Students’ Council.


Programmes & Activities

In line with the college vision to empower our future leaders to live with passion and lead with compassion, the Leadership Development (LD) unit aims to develop student leaders with the passion, innovation, integrity, empathy and responsibility to succeed in the global environment and to serve our nation.

The LD unit is in charge of overseeing programmes which would contribute to the grooming of leaders. These include leadership development workshops, seminars and attachments. The LD unit is also in charge of pre-university study awards and scholarships.

For College 1 students

JC Study Awards & Book Prizes

JC Study Awards & Book Prizes are offered by the Ministry of Education, statutory boards (such as DSTA and A*STAR), private organizations and our college. They do not carry any bond liability and most of them are tenable for two years of JC studies, subject to the scholars' satisfactory progress in their academic work at the end of JC1. The list of JC Study Awards, Scholarships & Book Prizes open to JC students are:

  • A*STAR JC Science Award
  • DSTA JC Scholarship
  • JTC Book Prize
  • Lin Hsiang Scholarship
  • MOE Art Elective Scholarship
  • MOE Humanities Scholarships
  • MOE Language Elective Programme (LEP) Scholarships
  • MOE Music Elective Scholarship
  • MOE Pre-University Scholarships
  • SAF Young Leader Award
  • Seah Book Thong Prize Book Prize
  • SPF Book Prize
  • Tan Sri Dr Tan Chin Tuan Foundation Scholarship

The main requirements of JC Study Awards are that students must have achieved excellent academic results and possess good CCA records and have shown leadership qualities. Details on application procedure will be posted on iEMB when application is open.

For College 2 students

Grassroots Attachment Programme (GAP)

The objectives of the Grassroots Attachment Programme are to allow students to observe first-hand how sensitive political issues are handled by MPs at grassroots and executive levels, and to help groom a breed of future leaders who are in tune with the needs of the nation and loyalty expected of our active citizenship.

In 2018, 116 students (109 from college and 7 from high school) were selected for the GAP and attached to a total of 35 MPs. These students went through selection interviews before being shortlisted to participate in the programme. These interviews were captured on video and the video files were given to students together with comments about how they could improve their interview skills.

Group photo with Ms Sim Ann after a Meet-the-People Session (MPS)

House Visit with Ms Grace Fu

Breakfast at mosque with Mr Teo Chee Hean

Discussion with Mr S Iswaran

Psychometric Assessment Exercise (PAE)

The Psychometric Assessment Exercise (PAE) is used by the Public Service Commission (PSC) as one of the shortlisting criteria for those who are interested in a Public Service career through PSC Scholarships. Civil Service College (CSC) collaborates with HCI to host PAE in our school.

For All Students

Seminars / Conferences / Dialogues

All students are given opportunities to attend scholarship talks while student leaders are given opportunities to lead in discussions, facilitate dialogue sessions with ministers and permanent secretaries, and participate in prestigious seminars/conferences, so as to gain more exposure and broaden their perspectives. Students could either register themselves or are nominated by teachers for these events.

Scholarship Day

HCI organises scholarship seminars and Scholarship Day, with many top scholarship providers visiting the institution, setting up booths and providing students and parents with the latest information about the scholarships they offer.

The scholarship organizations gave talks in two concurrent sessions during JC2 CT session and the scholarship organizations set up exhibition booths in the Hall. Some of the organizations are A*STAR, AVA, BCA, BrightSparks, CAAS, Changi Airport Group, DSTA, EDB, EMA, HDB, HPB, IDA, IE Singapore, JTC, LTA, MAS, MDA, MFA, MHA, MINDEF/SAF, MND, MOE, MOHH, MPA, NAC, Natsteel, NCSS, NHB, NParks, NTU, NUS, PUB & NEA, SgIS, SIM Global Education, Singapore Power, SMF, SMU, SPH, Spring Singapore, ST Engineering, SUTD, URA, USP-NUS.

Leadership Enrichment And Development (L.E.A.D) Package

This package is an annual publication by the Leadership Development Unit offered on Moodle to all students and carried out by Civics Tutors during classroom lesson. The package aims to introduce the importance of leadership as well as to prepare them to build foundational skills such as effective communication, working in teams and organising events. Both academic and affective domains of character development are emphasised to students in this publication. Useful tips on portfolio management are also given to students in order for them to document achievements and record insightful reflections. This would come in handy for their scholarship and job applications in future.